Recommendation Marketing

Word of mouth advertising goes through WhatsApp recommendation today


What is Recommendation Marketing?


Do you know who your best employee is, who earns you the most stars on Google etc.? It is none of your employees, but an active recommender. Contrary to the annoying wooing for attention through advertisements, the recommender is granted a trust bonus - he is thought of having a non-commercial attitude. Recommendation marketing is therefore based on confidential word of mouth among acquaintances.


What sets GetLeedz’ recommendation marketing solution apart from the rest is that it does not rely on a bland message for everyone, as is the case with conventional marketing strategies. This means completely circumventing posters, banner advertisements, flyers or commercials, but employing on-site recommendations. These come from friends and acquaintances of your potential customer. This is a crucial difference: Because the recommender acts as a guarantor, he or she ensures the quality of the product or service. This is a significantly stronger argument for purchase than any advertising poster.



Why should I make Recommendation Marketing a priority?


When people search for nearby companies on Google or Google Maps (e.g., "Insurance Consultant Near Me" or "Lawyer Near Me"), search results are displayed along with a map and Google reviews. These are entries on Google My Business. Additionally, reviews from various review portals such as, yelp, TripAdvisor, or might be displayed.


With recommendation marketing, local businesses and shops can receive more visits and calls. This is because search queries related to "near me" or "buy" have grown by over 500% in the last two years due to increasing digitalization. People want to find exactly what they want, whenever they want. This is a great opportunity for local businesses. 86% of consumers consult with reviews on Google before deciding on a business.


Purchase decisions are largely based on opinions of one’s close social circle. This means, that companies must take advantage of this word of mouth system. And that is what recommendation marketing does for you in the age of digitalization through digitalization platforms like GetLeedz: By sending recommendations via WhatsApp, the largest communication service, the effect of viral spreading is combined with the power of personal recommendations.



How does GetLeedz’ Recommendation Marketing Solution work?


Among the recommendation marketing platforms GetLeedz is the supreme visionary. We understand which factors are most important for customers: the opinions of their friends and acquaintances. But of course, that’s not all. Next, we must ask ourselves, how to effectively take advantage of this, keeping digitalization in mind. We can proudly say we have found the perfect recommendation marketing solution for this recommendation problem: GetWin Booster, the in-house GetLeedz recommendation solution. What makes GetWin so impressive is how simple it is - both for you and the customer.


GetWin Booster recommendation solution requires an existing GetVote campaign. The user scans the table display in the store or the consultant's super card with his smartphone. Through the GetVote campaign, your customers first rate and then recommend you to friends and acquaintances via WhatsApp. You might ask yourself, why someone would invest their time - no matter how little – to help you out with a recommendation. Good question! Customers are given an incentive: Because friends and acquaintances receive a voucher or coupon, this is time well used. Recommendation marketing wins for everybody!


While individual recommendations very quickly take on a life of their own, you control everything from the background. This is done via a dashboard with various functions presented on an intuitive interface. For example, you can dynamically change the WhatsApp short message anytime, depending on which factors are most important to you. Together we will rock your business!