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Secure tamper QR code With 400% create more scans itself
Generated Unique marketing communications solutions.  Conventional QR codes are machine-readable, but the human eye Do not be meaningful.  With GetQR I are generating a brand effect and create with your Logo confidence.  The result is a significantly higher fine scan rate. Try it.


Apply by phone - simple and safe!
Employer branding and the competition for talent characterize the recruiting. Get the sought-after Millennials team in yours.  GetCV guarantees lightning fast upload of a resume or dies linking a social media profile with the one of your choice landing page.  A job fairs or talent-Days IS GetCV an extremely effective tool to get a tool data of job-seekers.  Do your job advertisement interactively talents to address, not die explicitly looking for a job is.


About poster or flyer, and payment via smartphone inlet
The marketing One Events is a thing die. The administration of tickets A different story.  Getticket unite scoring in areas One unique tool.  No waiting at counters. Ships from and sold the tickets to the smartphone of the receiver works in one step.  DuFormal sees any time booking status of your occasion and can die promotion measures Vote On It.


Mass cards, meeting cards, ID cards for a networking event with contact
ID cards fur fair die, the networking event, die meeting - create identity cards with contact info, Which through scan Logged Will simplest skills. The networking to a new level!


Is something missing on the shelf or coffee capsule? Simply order via smartphone
Sell ​​your products easily directly through practical. No your shop-talk, simple products SET and the customer shopping Can. Including pay function.


BUSINESS type was yesterday!
NO MATTER one A fair Whether a networking event, a meeting - scan just die contact your counterpart and saved this your contacts.


Download and read documents via smartphone
You want documents safe for disposal make? Nothing easier than that. The user scans the QR code and can watch your documents simplest and download.


retype contact was yesterday
Simplify your partner of imported your contact.  With vCard you make a good impression and'll stand out from the crowd.


Promoter tracking
You see from which promoter the customer was taught. So Can I tracken his performance OR to provision.


Would you like to generate several QR code campaigns at the same time?
We build an Excel interface for your import file. With one click you can generate thousands of QR code campaigns.


Users receive an email
Users sustaining dies predefined email, Which has me placed in the dashboard. This can e.g. be a product description with images. According to the scan, mess with the user seiners email address verify system AFTER he die preserving e-mail automatically from.