Review marketing turns customers into advertisements

Creating the possibly most effective review campaign in the world


GetLeedz is your innovative marketing platform specialized in reviews and supporting you in creating review campaigns. Our professional team of marketing experts will help you optimize your campaigns. With our trail-blazing review solutions, you will increase sales and boost customer trust. Reviews are the only way towards effective customer acquisition.

Introducing the ultimate review solution

As soon as your review campaign is set up, you will win reviews - no matter which platform, we can integrate any of them. Google Reviews, Facebook Review, yelp, Tripadvisor, Treatwell will all be part of your GetVote campaign. A table display or flyer in your store makes customers curious. They scan an image QR Code, which redirects them to your survey. The survey consists of between one and ten questions. Each question allows an answer out of five stars. You decide whether you want to publish the GetVote reviews publicly on our partner rating platform or not.

This is where the real power of GetVote comes in: After the GetVote survey, your customers can rate you on a public review platform. The choice is theirs: GetVote supports over 100 review platforms! With our HTML iFrame widget, you can present the reviews you received on Google, Tripadvisor, Facebook Reviews or yelp directly on your website. This means that you can focus all the reviews that are circulating on the web in one place. Anybody visiting your website immediately sees all the great review people have posted about you.

The administration of your GetVote campaign is very easy for everyone involved: There is no software or app required on the part of the customer - you only need a very short moment of their time.

Simultaneously you pull all the strings from the background: An intuitive dashboard allows for continuous monitoring and editing of your campaign. You have complete control.

Because GetVote is universally applicable, it is used in almost every industry. But not only businesses can benefit from our review marketing solutions. Marketing agencies use GetLeedz to oversee marketing campaigns of their clients. After every review, the system notifies the campaign owner – giving you complete quality control. Additionally, the reviewer is sent an e-mail containing all relevant data about your company, e.g. your contact address, product information, hours of operation and social media profiles. A picture can also be included. This process connects your customers’ phone with your business.


Importance of reviews

For modern customers, reviews are extremely important. According to a recent Greven study, 66% of customers seek advice from online reviews before making a purchase. At the same time, 85% trust a review on the Internet as much as one they have received personally. Therefore, you have to position yourself accordingly and make positive reviews a priority. We take care of this - for marketing agencies and businesses alike.

Optimized for search engines (e.g. Google)

With our innovative technology, your reviews will be loved by search engine algorithms. A steady influx of reviews increases your ranking quickly and consistently.  The "Local Search Ranking Factors Report 2017" by SEO specialist Moz states that user reviews (number, frequency and variety of reviewsv) are one of the five most important factors determining whether companies are listed in the "Local Pack". This term refers to the top three search results highlighted on maps.

Increasing profits

Reviews have a direct influence on sales. In the current version of The Conversation Index it was found that even 50 reviews on a website can increase sales by up to 30%.

Worldwide visibility

Anyone can see reviews. Always. Everywhere. Brands that have many positive reviews promise rapid growth.

Innovative on-site reviews

You don't have to be afraid of reputation damage by fake reviews anymore, because allows only on-site reviews. This not only protects you from dirty tricks by your competitors, but also increases trust in your reviews.

Start your GetVote campaign today!

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